Home Redesign


Home Redesign uses your furnishings and treasures
to transform a space into a fresh, new look.


How often do we find ourselves feeling bored with our “stuff” and discouraged with the clutter around us. We want change but don’t know what to do so we either do nothing or try anything.

Redesign is using your furnishings and treasures to transform one room or the entire home into a fresh, new look. Our goal is to create an environment of beauty, comfort and balance you will love living in, and family and friends will enjoy for years to come. The best part . . . NO NEW PURCHASES NECESSARY . . . that’s what we call affordable!


Other Services

Color Consultation: Regardless of whether you’re selling your house or need a change, paint is the least expensive way to update the look and feel of a room (or the entire house). Turnaround Interiors can help you select a color to create a completely different environment as well as coordinate a specific look to finish off a room.

Project Management: Often people do not have the time or connections to manage a project in their home. Suggestions for updating a bathroom, kitchen, lighting, plumbing, floors . . . can be overwhelming (especially for those who are trying to get their home market ready). Turnaround Interiors has experienced, reliable and affordable contractors they work with to get the job done.

Shopping: Selling or not, you might not know what you need to complete or change a look or maybe you don’t have the time and energy to shop. Turnaround Interiors will do it for you!


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