Occupied Home Staging


Occupied Home Staging turns a home that reflects the homeowners' personality and style into a home that appeals to the broadest range of buyers.


When Turnaround Interiors stages an occupied house they use as much of the homeowners furnishings as possible. Sometimes it requires bringing in furnishings from their inventory to complete the look of a room or give it a more updated feel. The process starts with getting rid of distractions like clutter, collections, personal photos and in some cases, taste specific items. Stagers call it decluttering and depersonalizing. It can also include painting, re-organizing and neutralizing furnishings or even re-purposing and redesigning rooms . . . all to allow buyers to easily visualize living in the house. What staging an occupied house accomplishes:

  1. Ensures a faster more profitable sale by improving the overall condition and enhancing the best features of the house.
  2. Starts the packing process to help the sellers start detaching from their house and begin thinking of it as an investment, a marketable product.
  3. Buying a house is an emotional decision because people are also buying a lifestyle. By making a positive impact on how buyers feel in the home, sellers can make a significant difference in how much it sells for and the number of days on the market.

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