To improve the aesthetics and marketability of your home, we offer a range of staging services. The following are basic packages; however, we can create a custom plan to meet your specific needs:
Vacant Homes
Vacant Home Staging: Turnaround Interiors comes to your house for a pre-staging consultation. We furnish the entire house (or only the main rooms), using furnishings and accessories from our inventory. Typically this can be done in 2 days , depending on the size of the house.

Partial Vacant Home Staging: Sometimes homeowners want to do what they can to keep the staging price down and are willing to leave some furnishings for staging purposes. Turnaround Interiors does a pre-staging consultation to determine what existing furnishings can be utilized and what they need to provide from their inventory to complete the job.

Occupied Homes
Staging Consultation: Turnaround Interiors comes to your home to assess, room by room, what needs to be done to get your home market ready. For those on a budget and willing to do the work, you will be provided with a detailed ”Property Assessment Report” that includes all the recommendations needed to prepare the home.

Redesign Staging: Turnaround Interiors comes to your home for a pre-staging consultation. They return once the suggested changes are completed and the home has been cleaned. They re-arrange rooms in the home using your existing furnishings, and if needed, add items from their inventory to give the home an updated, warm and inviting feel. Typically, this can be done in one day.

Home Redesign is using your furnishings and treasures to transform a space into a fresh, new look
Consultation Only For One Room or More: Great for homeowners on a budget and prepared to do the work. Turnaround Interiors meets with you to discuss the function of the space, what currently does and doesn’t work in the space and what changes you would like to have. They take pictures return to the office and put together a detailed Assessment Report that includes all their recommendations needed to do the job. This package includes a follow-up visit to assist with any changes needed to complete the look.

Full Redesign: When you want Turnaround Interiors to do the work for you. They use your furnishings, treasures and other accessories to redesign your room/s into a fresh new look that incorporates function, flow and beauty . . . a space your family and friends will enjoy for years to come. Typically we can finish this in one day, depending on the number of rooms.

Other Services for Staging or Home Redesign
Color Consultation: Regardless of whether you’re selling your house or need a change, paint is the least expensive way to update the look and feel of a room (or the entire house). Turnaround Interiors can help you select a color to create a completely different environment as well as coordinate a specific look to finish off a room.

Project Management: Often people do not have the time or connections to manage a project in their home. Suggestions for updating a bathroom, kitchen, lighting, plumbing, floors . . . can be overwhelming (especially for those who are trying to get their home market ready). Turnaround Interiors has experienced, reliable and affordable contractors they work with to get the job done.

Custom Decor Shopping: Selling or not, you might not know what you need to complete or change a look or maybe you don’t have the time and energy to shop. Turnaround Interiors will do it for you!

Relocation/Move-in Services: Ready to move into your new home and wonder how your existing furniture will fit into the new floor plan? We assist you in making the transition by designing each room using the art of furniture placement, accentuating focal points, hanging artwork and arranging your accessories and collected treasures.


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