Vacant Home Staging


Do you want prospective buyers to walk into empty and lifeless or welcoming and warm?


Only 10% of us can enter a vacant house and imagine it to be our new home. Do you really want to gamble on reaching the remaining 90%? Professional staging speaks to those buyers by creating an environment they can imagine themselves living in. Here are three more reasons why you should stage a vacant home:

  1. Without furniture a potential buyer cannot visualize the scale and size of a room because there is no frame of reference. Staging each room with the appropriate scale and style of furnishings answers those questions and creates an environment people can imagine themselves living in.

  2. Vacant homes expose even the smallest of flaws and buyers will see the negative rather than the positive: normal wear and tear, a scratch in the hardwood floors, even a small crack in the tile is magnified. Staging directs the visual focus towards the positive features and diminishes the negative.

  3. Staging is a marketing tool that turns a house into a saleable product that will sell faster and for more money. Buyers begin to make a decision about a prospective house within the first 15 seconds. That’s why it’s essential they like what they see immediately.

“Price gets you in the game. Staging gets you the offer”.

Tony DiCello, Keller Williams Realty International

Turnaround Interiors owns their inventory, allowing them to select the furnishings and accessories to fit the style and size of the house as well as meeting tight schedules or budgets.


Jo Ann Cureton

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